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Terms and Conditions

APR Techno is a well-known provider of web development services, including website design and redesign, digital marketing, website upkeep, SEO, social media marketing, and e-commerce solutions.

The guidelines by which APR Techno shall conduct business and offer customer service are listed below.

  • APR Techno is the only owner of all the information on the website. It is completely forbidden to copy any information or content from the website to any public or private electronic retrieval system. Without our prior consent, no information from the official website may be utilised in conjunction with any other commercial websites or in any other manner.


  • We guarantee to deliver the finished work in a timely manner with a strict attention to the quality as well as the conversation with the client.


  • We guarantee to deliver the finished work in a timely manner with strict attention to quality as well as the conversation with the client. 


  • When you employ our services, you agree to the price and payment procedure. You can reach us via phone, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype, or email if you have any questions or concerns. Unless extra time is needed for certain projects, in which case you agree to give the requisite hours, we keep set working hours.


  • Clients must ensure that they supply the relevant information, instructions, and guidelines on the basis on which the project will be developed. Any client-side delays could cause the project to go behind schedule and incur additional costs.


  • For costing purposes, any complexity relating to particular tasks must be disclosed in advance and included in the proposal. We stay faithful to our job and rely on our clients to be completely honest with us when getting a quote. APR Techno will not be responsible for any discrepancy brought on by unclear requirements.
  • Programming faults that are discovered during or right after development are not subject to additional fees.


  • Before the job begins, all necessary materials should be delivered. Delays could result in higher costs and delay the project’s timely completion.


  • Finished projects cannot be modified without incurring additional costs. Charges will also apply if changes are made to the design after it has been approved. Beyond the estimates, any additional work is billed separately. Any delays brought on by changes to the project are not the responsibility of APR Techno.


  • Web pages that are responsive and multi-device friendly are evaluated on iPhones and iPads. Please plan ahead if you require the testing to be done on any other device.


  • If your website or application is not hosted on a synaptic server, the extra labour hours required to fix network or server-related problems are not included in our rates and will be billed separately.


  • Unless other arrangements are established before the project begins, APR Techno retains the copyrights to all codes developed for any client. When a client pays for hosting, APR Techno guarantees a licence to use any specially created software for their use solely.


  • Depending on the functionalities necessary, third-party components like SSL certificates or third-party payment gateways may be used in the development of a website or application. APR Techno promises to give every component the attention it deserves in order to determine its compatibility. However, the firm disclaims all liability for any unanticipated, out-of-control limits of third-party components. We do not include all third-party component costs in our quotes.


.The client is required to acknowledge any reasonable circumstances-related delays in delivering the finished job. Although we make every effort to deliver on time, the client shouldn’t hold it against us.

  • If hosting costs are not indicated in the quotations, they are not included. If necessary, APR Techno can arrange a suitable hosting solution; a quote will be sent separately and must be accepted by the client. If a client chooses to arrange their own hosting, make sure to contact us first to discuss the hosting and database options. This is so that it can satisfy the demands of the development technology. Regarding hosting support for testing and application deployment, full access should be granted. Please take note that APR Techno is not liable for any delays or faults brought on by the hosting provider’s direct or indirect acts.

  • Assumes no liability for any open-source software, including Joomla, Open Source carts, and WordPress. The client is in charge of updating all parts and third-party software. To prevent any interruptions, we advise you to perform regular backups.

  • APR Techno offers packages in collaboration with outside suppliers. Our services and terms and conditions may be impacted by modifications to the third-party provider’s rules and policies.


  • The website or software programme is made to be installed on the internet using a web server of commercial grade or a similar arrangement. If the website is set up on a standard workplace network, it is unlikely to function.


  • Domain registration, renewal, and other fees are not included in any project or proposal if not specifically stated. If necessary, a quote can be provided and accepted by the client.


  • APR Techno specialises in developing and testing the software or websites that are hosted by us or on our own servers. Clients or other parties won’t be given access to our servers or domains. The bills and fees must be paid before the website or application can be moved to the designated third-party server.


  • Irrespective of any other clause in the contract, in exchange for the customer entering into this agreement with APR Techno, and upon payment in full of any unpaid invoices, APR Techno will unconditionally grant the customer a licence to reproduce, publish, communicate, use, exploit, vary, or otherwise deal with 1) the graphics, 2) the texts, and 3) the images used in the published website and related of form and functionality. The intellectual property used in the creation of the website, such as the digital tactics, coding, database structures, scripts, forms, or features, will not be covered by this.


  • Email is typically used for all correspondence and exchanges. The customer is accountable for keeping us informed of any relevant email addresses.
  • We have the right to promptly change the information on our website.


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